Immokalee Fire Control District

Serving The Community Since 1953

We are currently accepting applications for Reserve Firefighter and Volunteer Firefighter.

 Applications may be obtained from the link below or at IFCD Administrative Offices.

Requirements for all positions:

  • Reside within 30 miles of Immokalee Fire Station 30, 502 New Market Rd E.
  • At least 18 years of age
  • High School Graduate (Volunteer applicants may be currently enrolled in 12th Grade with minimum 2.0 GPA)
  • Neither been convicted of any felony, nor of a misdemeanor directly related to the position of sought, nor have pled nolo contendre to any charge of a felony. If you have been convicted of a felony, you must be in compliance with Florida Statute 112.011(2)(b). If you have been convicted of a misdemeanor directly related to the position of sought, a period of 4 years must have passed after expiration of sentence. If the sentence was suspended or adjudication was withheld in a felony charge, or in a misdemeanor directly related to the position sought, and a period of probation was imposed, you must have been released from probation.
  • Must be a nonuser of tobacco or tobacco products for at least 1 year immediately preceding application and must remain a nonuser of tobacco or tobacco products. Testing for nicotine will be included in a pre-employment physical examination, followed by annual testing.
  • Possess a good driving record acceptable to the Fire District and successfully complete a thorough background investigation (see Background Investigation Policy).
  • Successfully complete the District’s physical ability test (see Physical Ability Test SOG).

Requirements for Reserve Firefighter:

  • Firefighter II certification
  • EMT or Paramedic certification

Requirements for Volunteer Firefighter

  • Firefighter I certification within 6 months (training provided)
  • CPR and First Aid (training provided)
  • Emergency Medical Care First Responder training within 1 year


These are non-paid positions, however you will gain valuable knowledge, training, and experience towards a career in emergency services or simply fulfill your desire to help your community and be a part of a team. Volunteer firefighters serve their community. They gain personal satisfaction in knowing they make a difference in the lives of the people who live and work in their community. Volunteer firefighters typically have other full- or part-time jobs elsewhere, while still devoting their services to the community. Training is required and provided by the fire district. Volunteers receive extensive training for all types of emergency response situations. Firefighting, medical emergency response, motor vehicle crashes, water rescue, and disaster response, are among some of the training classes provided at no charge to volunteer firefighters. They are required to attend training sessions on an ongoing basis. Becoming a volunteer is an excellent way to receive training in preparation for a full-time firefighter position.Type your paragraph here.

Employment Application

We are currently Excepting Applications for Reserve Firefighter and Volunteer Firefighter