IF PASSED FAVORABLY - Fire Fee Will Allow The District To Do The Following.

1. Keep and Maintain Current Number of Firefighting Staff
2. Improve Safety for Our Citizens and Firefighters
3. Modernize Ageing Fire Trucks and Properly Maintain Them
4. Begin to Modernize/Harden Fire Stations (bring up to Hurricane standards)
5. Slowly Increase Staffing Levels (gradually over next 5 years)
6. Update Critical Communication Technology

Should this referendum pass favorably by your vote, it wouldn’t take effect until October 1, 2019. Per Florida Statute 191, technically our board would have the authority to increase or decrease the millage rate. However, we assure you that it would only happen in an effort to meet the needs of the community. Your fire commissioners will always ensure that your fire department will act in a prudent manner and be good stewards of your tax dollars. 

We encourage you to learn more about this initiative, and let your voice be heard. We will continue to host “town hall” style meetings over the next two months. If you would like more information please contact Fire Chief Michael Choate or Deputy Fire Chief Tom Cunningham at 239-657-2111 or email at mchoate@immfire.com or tcunningham@immfire.com


Immokalee Fire Board of Commissioners.

We believe this approach addresses a multitude of District and community needs and will allow the District to begin laying the foundation to sustain and grow along with our community. The current tax structure does not allow the District to address/support the growth in the District. 

Immokalee Fire Control District

Serving The Community Since 1953

Dear Community Members,

         In April, the Immokalee Board of Fire Commissioners voted unanimously to place a referendum question on the August 2018 Primary ballot asking voters of the Immokalee Fire Control District the following: “Shall the Immokalee Fire Control District levy annual non-ad valorem assessments beginning Fiscal Year 2019/2020 to fund fire and rescue services at rates of $369.00 per residential unit, $0.40 per square foot for all non-residential units and $237.00 per parcel only for vacant land, with any future rate increases in accordance with Chapter 191, Florida Statutes?”    YES or NO


Are you interested in knowing your financial impact with the new funding method of a combined ad valorem tax and the new Fire Assessment fee? Just complete our form to have results emailed back to you.

IF FIRE FEE’S FAIL – The Following Risk Exist:

1. Lay Off Firefighting Staff
2. Close a Fire Station, Increasing The Risk For Citizens and Remaining Staff
3. Increased Fire Insurance Premiums (58% estimate on $100,000.00 home)
4. Increase Response Times, Dramatically Increasing the Risk to Citizens
5. Maintenance Cost on Fire Trucks Will Continue to Increase Due to Ageing Fleet
6. Remaining Fire Stations Will Continue To Be Unsafe To Shelter firefighters During Hurricanes